NRHSN 2013 dinner speech

Delivered on the 16th August to the 2013 NRHSN NextGen conference. Only went over time by 3 mins….

Talking to future country doctors, nurses and allied health providers about rural GP work, communication skills, teaching and family at the National Rural Health Student Network conference.

RDWA Keynote Speech

Delivered on the 24th May to the 2013 RDWA Conference. First time I had to speak for 30 mins!

“Gerry grew up for 22 years in the outer suburbs of a small Victorian town called Melbourne. So how was it that this ‘city boy’ ended up undertaking GP training and wanting to work in rural South Australia? Was it family heritage in the bush, inspiring placements, the lure of aviation or all three? Surely they will find out he barracks for Collingwood sooner or later….”

Interview with Prof John Murtagh


Master and (very much) apprentice

In this short podcast interview (below), Prof Murtagh talks about his own pathway to medicine and general practice in the country. Starting as a science teacher interested in maths and physics, he came to medicine after being inspired by his own GP in the country town he grew up in. Part of Monash University’s first medical cohort, John said that he “liked everything” and that the “country is the place to be.” Seems like rural general practice was an easy choice for Prof Murtagh, but not without its challenges as he explains.

He found some isolation in the country, however help was only a phone call away. We wonder whether the advent of social media and blogs may help reduce this tyranny  of distance even more. Also in the interview are some memories from the Prof, including risque interactions with octogenerians, exam preparation tips and pearls of wisdom for medical students just starting their own journey. I hope that you enjoy this chat and learn just as much as I did from a great mentor and spokesman for general practice.


Murtagh’s GP textbook (Mk1)

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